Adventure Ride


Hello there,

this has been an adventure ride. Sorry for not checking in earlier... we have been busy in fact, busy believing in Laniakea. And here we are, a year and a half later, 3 collections behind us, ecstatic with joy coming from the lovely feedback we have been receiving from our amazing customers.


Adventurous ride illustrationHowever, it has not been easy, actually, there where times when it all seemed a little too overwhelming and totally unreachable. The process of scarf production from our studio through to the finished product makes a complicated journey in itself. Our design travels from our studio in Belgrade, through several countries in order to magically transform into a scarf. And then it travels back to us for finishing and dispatch. Now, on a more personal note, we should probably mention that the 'we' in Laniakea actually stands for 'me' - Ana - the designer, hand roller, dispatcher, advertiser, creator of all to do with Laniakea starting from the inspiration and through to customer service, placement etc. Whoa, therefore, please bear with us ......... me, through the process of building this brand for which I care for sooo much.


I always wanted Laniakea to be a very personal brand, with real stories and real contact, delivering a top quality product with an adventure to tell. There have been many people who helped me along the way in all sorts of ways and I am truly grateful to them all. Without them Laniakea would hardly be around.

Like I mentioned earlier, we had three collections out. Our first collection ''Wanderlust'' was all about, well, wanderlust :)))  Bold colors, birds, masks, ornaments from all over the world, this collection is a testimony of happiness for the traveler in you. We also slipped in some lovely verses from Mr. O'Shaughnessy just in case.

house-by-the-sea-collection-previewOur second collection "There is a House by the Sea'' is totally personal, a true illustrated diary of sorts. I am in love with the sea and everything in and around it! The designs boast stripes, pomegranates, tropical plants, islands and generally transmit summer vibes to wherever you are. Lots of turquoise, blue, lilac, black and white of course - a positive explosion of island chic! Let's not forget pineapples and an octopus just in case :))) In this collection we introduced our oversized 130x130cm scarf, to be worn as a pareo, dress, blouse, turban, you name it....

Thirdly, our latest collection ''Natives'' is all about patterns and ornaments from the Balkans, Serbia to be more precise. This collection is rich in color and layers. The designs have many ornaments and imagery from the local folklore. We used some popular fruits like plums and apples, as well as birds such as the stork and grouse. Most patterns come from ancient fresco paintings. The lettering is old Serbian which is no longer in use but is beautiful. Then we married those elements and created a whimsical world for the bohemian in you.

jabuke-i-sljive-olive_2Now that the holiday season is upon us, we are very very busy and loving each moment. Laniakea is a dream and we are truly thankful to you for making it possible. Hopefully our scarves will bring you joy. We put the best of our efforts in creating a beautiful and unique product.

It's far beyond the stars
it's near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
my heart will lead me there soon

Hello world!

Finally, after a long, creative journey, LANIAKEA  is ready to open its doors. We are delighted to present our first collection of silk scarves which we have lovingly produced. Inspired by travel, freedom, patterns and light we have created a limited series of top quality scarves. We wanted to transfer our art onto fashion accessories and found scarves to be the perfect canvases. Each scarf thus represents a work of art and as a detail, brings each outfit to a new level. We chose the classic square shape as one of the most popular and timeless form of scarves to start with.

We draw each design by hand and then carefully transfer it in order to be digitally printed on 100% silk. All our printing is done in the United Kingdom on beautiful silks. The scarves are incredibly lightweight, each weighing app. 45 gr. The next stage, the finishing, is done in Belgrade. Each scarf is carefully hand rolled for a perfect finish. We are especially proud of our product and we take great care of every detail.

Having in mind the importance of presentation we have designed beautiful luxurious boxes with our logo encrusted in gold so that each Laniakea scarf is delivered already gift packaged, whether you are treating yourself or someone else. We can also add a personalized message at your request.

Laniakea would like to warmly Thank You for visiting our website and having a look at the silk world which we have created.

Safe travels and happy returns!